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Twaddle And Cat

A Feline Historian And His Pet Mother

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Twaddle & Cat
Humorous and somewhat fictional twaddle written mostly by a cat named Gandalf and occasionally by his mother Jen aka Twaddle. The blogs first appear on the site of the Village Soup newspaper (villagesoup.com) and are then published in Live Journal so that non-patrons of the paper can access the older blogs. Not all blogs that appear on the paper's site are to be found here, though most of them are featured.
Jen is a member of the Cat Writer's Association which is is an organization of professionals writing, publishing and broadcasting about cats. Gandalf is a History professor in Catvard, the famous college located in Meowssachussetts. He has a passion for history and he also loves music and the arts. If you would like Gandalf to blog on a particular subject let him know and he might do it, providing he knows enough about the subject. Jen and Gandalf are living in Maine.